Born of Tides

by bornoftides

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Years 03:55
Lie low, sleep tight. Hide out, hold tight. I don’t level with you; I hide behind analogies and cryptic meanings. I don’t always speak truth; sometimes I won’t even talk. sometimes silence says it all. I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to hold a heart that beats so steady, but i hope you’ll wait for me. i lack a sense of urgency: i’ll know what i want, but then it gets lost whenever i leave. come back before it’s too late, but for now stay where, duck and cover under your sheets, dream. And I ask so much of you already, but you hold strong while I’m unseen and refuse your company. There’s a fine line in between patience and indecision, and I’ve caught you in the middle; it feels like years and years and years.
In Constancy 03:28
Conversation’s never been easy, words are not our kind. Maybe it’s just the open window into our heart’s something that we never learned to handle right. I’m here, I’ve always been here for you, down these streets with crowds in place. I know you, wait up for me; could you believe you’re not alone in this? The older we get, the harder we find to hide light and dark the same. Life’s always complicated, and changes us; friends aren’t here to let you bury the pain inside yourself.
Landscapes 03:03
Nostalgia, I was wrong. You have no heart or good intentions, only a hollow and a hint of blame. She is two places at once; she takes it well , she is lost in herself. The present colors the past, I know: it paints in broad strokes, in a single tone. How can you live with that? I don’t. You walk in landscapes, that can’t be rearranged, in color schemes forever changed. Nostalgia, you fill the scene with a hint of ‘could have been’, only a taste upon the wind. Yeah, she is a smile within the cold. She always has, she always will. Oh, no: it’s the memories that just won’t go. When you’re alone, you know every sight you see reminds you of me.
She talks to me with an optional honesty, and tastes deceit like it's some sort of delicacy. She holds composure as if it could hold her, and pick up where we were. She gives no sign, and lies with her eyes closed; she says: "you'll see in time, so don't pretend that you won't". She sits up slow, breathing in cautiously, as if to show that her logic will better me. I touch her shoulder, as if that could hold her in places we once were. "I'm taking my time", she says with her eyes closed; "everyone speaks in rhymes, so don't pretend that you don't". And she sets her own pace now, her mind made up long ago. But the closing door didn't mean anything before, and the creaking floor may bring what it brought before.
Return 03:07
In those days when we were lost, falling into open space... I can still feel you in frail little pieces, losing all the color in your face, oh it’s too late. You’ll find out soon enough, the seasons return and bloom, and I would still love you if I had the courage to see it through. No intention or regret, given back an endless gaze; seeing no mistake in anything you hold to, sudden and with distance to your soul. Oh, you fought so hard for love, and seasons can speak for you. If there’s no forgiving, it’s hurts just as much as when you wanted to. And you wanted to. The seasons pass away, steady and strong for you; ever and even, and if it’s enough, you’ll see it through.
Still Life 02:57
Then those sparks turned into this fire; where there's more to say, the more it feels like I'm walking backwards without one last word, so I'm turning forward now. Lies formed a doubt you heard louder than anything else, and all at once, I let it turn against me, a scar in the night. That's the end, and when you decide: letting dead words rest alone, when everything else is alive, in between you and your life is a lie. In still life you see single color, and it started evolving in mind, then when all the sound was the beating of a single thought you knew: thought turned against you, and you fell apart. And it can't be left behind, holding up this life over tomorrow, when we live through another.
All the signs you've shown, and all the sorrows after the moment slowed, until you finally broke. She could wait the moments out, maybe stay again this time, until those moments buried you alive. She used to say "it's easy. it feels like coming home", so why is it you feel like you've been wandering alone? All the ones you left and tried to hide beneath it would only turn to tears of your own. You were solitude and lies: seeing with eyes that won't turn their sight to the inside. She used to say "it's easy. it feels like coming home, and all the empty wandering and all the pain you know will fade into the hours, and when you've held it long enough, will fall and be far below you."
Sparks 06:34
We lay under the deep night sky. Remember how we never asked why, it just seemed right? We thought it better to align our faces to the glimpse of starlight pressed on every side. But you are silent, you're still; you cast a falling star. Then, I am speechless, but still, I will remain and sparks won't break my hold. Your hand is holding tight to mine. You're back with me to this between time, and it's alright. You see the depth in the night sky. I see the depth within your eyes, filled with hope untried. You are silent, you're still; you watch your falling star. It leaves me speechless, but still, I feel the same and sparks won’t fade as we grow old. For you i'm speechless; and you are silent. Words are falling short, my dear; sparks fade when the light appears.


released June 16, 2016

Andrew Nissley - Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Benjamin Smither - Piano, Vocals
Jeremy Simon - Vocals

Drums recorded by Jeremy at Viking Camel Studios
Piano recorded at Soundmine Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Andrew




bornoftides Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

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